Sunday, September 21, 2014

Judicial Caning For Susan

Susan has come for a job as a spanking model but has been telling lies and now she has to suffer the consequences. Spanking Sarah has been summoned to carry out a judicial level caning to the young lady. Bent over she has to take every hard stroke as it is handed out to her, leaving her well marked from this painful caning from Red Stripe Films.

The Hot Bully

British Girl Guide, Zoe Page, spotted an innocent exchange Girl Scout (Alex Reynolds from America) looking lost at the Old School Building where an International Guide & Scouting Conference was supposed to be held. Zoe knew it had been cancelled as she had only found out herself not long & and she was annoyed. So like a cat toying with a mouse, she decided to have some fun to see just how far she could play with this cute innocent lost girl scout for her own selfish pleasure. Naive Alex took everything said literally, she was so trusting & had no concept of deceit or why anyone could lie to her that this made Zoe's twisted playtime so much easier! After almost making out with Alex & describing her various "sexual" badges she'd earnt, Zoe found a perfect excuse to spank & punish Alex with her bare hand & riding crop she used for her real horse riding badge! Zoe was very persuasive in getting Alex to remove her panties & get her bare bottom thrashed a beautiful shade of red. See Zoe "perve out" on such innocence & watch how she played with her trusting new "bestie" from Triple A Spanking!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Double Paddling For Lola Marie

At the house of correction Katie and Sarah are discussing an accident Sarah suffered as a result of a rather nasty girl when low and behold the girl turns out to be Lola Marie. She is not at all repentant for the damage caused to Sarah and so it is decided that some damage should be done to her bottom. She is stripped naked and bent over the punishment stool where Katie and Sarah join together in giving her the hardest paddling she has ever received from Spanking Sarah.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Naughty Niece Christy

Christy Cutie tries to help Uncle Paul, but ends up making a big mistake. His naughty niece needs some tough love: a firm hand spanking and a bare bottom strapping will put this naughty girl in her place from Dreams of Spanking!

Totally nude bathroom spanking and strapping for housebreaker Camilla Scott

Camilla Scott and Abigail Simmons share a playful nude bath-time spanking in the finale of Busted Burglars. Until Earl Grey arrives and sets Camilla’s bare buns burning with a strap, telling Abi to spank her friend for getting her into trouble. Perfect naked ending from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

No Blue Hair

Stewardess Julie decided to change her hair colour to blue before her last flight and Mr. Johnson heard about it. When Julie was back in Holland, she was summoned to his office and after a good scolding, her bottom was soundly spanked and an appoitment was made at a hair salon at the airport to get rid of that clashing blue colour from Spanked In Uniform!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shall We Dance

Suspecting that all is not going well with Milas ballet lessons at the hands of Mme Amelia, Stephen decides to pay a visit. Appalled at the attitude and methods of the Dame, he decides that she needs a lesson in discipline and her pointer stick will make a very useful cane from Northern Spanking!

Taking $300 from her hubby without asking costs Stacy’s butt a tanning

Will 180 swats with a leather paddle stop Stacy Stockton spending $300 on things she doesn’t really need in Domestic Discipline? Don’t think so! She bends over in the bathroom for a 180-swat spanking, reddening her bare bottom with a leather paddle from Firm Hand Spanking!