Thursday, March 5, 2015

Loni and Julie

I asked Julie and Loni to come together as they both have something in common. They both bought items they cannot afford. They needed a reminder to be responsible and that reminder was a sound spanking over my knee. If you thought that was the end of it, you are sorely mistaken. When I drove home I saw them both through a restaurant window enjoying what must have been a very expensive lunch. Luckily they were nearly finished so I dragged them back to our office and took a belt to their bottoms folowed by the punishment stool from Real Life Spankings!

Superstitious Spanker

Another debut, this time for Stevie Rose who is well known to viewers of spanking erotica in America. Stevie forgot to get John's lucky jacket cleaned before their night out at the Hotel Casino & he felt he couldn't go gamble because the jacket looked too dirty & creased. He was not best pleased, as Stevie soon found out, so told her this would be no simple OTK hand spanking this time... He had something far more humiliating planned for her as he wanted to ensure she wouldn't forget this chore in future. She was spanked her on her bare bottom including a leather strapping across her cheeks... but this was far from the full punishment... At the end he told her to assume the "Wheelbarrow Position" - something she had dreaded since he informed her earlier that her "sit spots" were far more vulnerable in this position & he had no intention of missing them to make sure she'd be rather uncomfortable from Triple A Spanking!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kay Gets a New Roommate

Kay gets a new roommate, Rainey Lane, who discovers how Kay breaks in a new roommie - with a good spanking. But Rainey can give a good spanking as well. The spankings happen otk with hand and a cute pink leather paddle from My Spanking Roommate or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass!

Belinda Lawson after getting drunk

A business dinner, a drunk Perfect PA and Belinda Lawson’s jutting bottom is caned 19 times by a furious Richard Anderson. Her cheeks are striped, suddenly she’s sober from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Satine Spark At The Sexy Cleaning Company

Another story from the Sexy Cleaning company and a welcome return to Satine Spark, we must have more requests to see Satine getting a good spanking than almost any other girl and we always oblige. This is her interview for the Sexy cleaning Company and so as you might guess there are plenty of good bending over and up-skirt shots to wet your appetite before she goes over Mr. Sterns knee for a real bottom reddening spanking. Great fun and spank filled film from English Spanking.

Schoolgirl Takedown

Schoolgirl bully Pandora Blake is determined to give Ten Amorette a serious thrashing. After refusing to hand over her lunch money, Ten is wrestled to the ground, slapped in the face, bound at the hands and feet and gagged with her own gym knickers. Pandora delivers an onslaught of harsh smacks as Ten struggles against her bonds. The humiliation surely can’t get any worse - until Pandora wields the leather strap on Ten’s bare bottom from Dreams of Spanking!

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Scottish Rebellion

It had come to the Headmaster's attention that a Scottish pupil named Sacha in her sense started her own Scottish Rebellion. He summoned her and the way she was dressed, explained all. Sha was scolded and told to go home and change into her proper St. Catherines uniform and report back to him and be soundly spanked. She was soundly spanked and she also got some time kneeling of the dreaded punishment tray from Spanked In Uniform!

Alison Miller paddled 12 swats on her bouncing bottom for cutting school

Even Alison Miller dreads the paddle at Reform School, especially if Mr Bateman is swinging! 12 swats on a thin skirt, panties and totally bare bottom for skipping school from Firm Hand Spanking!