Wednesday, October 7, 2015

New Nurse Sabrina

Mrs. James came to St. Elizabeth for a nose job and to her absolute horror she was scheduled for a rectal enema. She called in Dr. Johnson and it soon became apparent that nurse Sabrina put it on her chart as a joke. Well she didn't think it was quite that funny when Dr. Johnson put her over his knee and spanked her soundly while Mrs. James watched and smiled from Spanked In Uniform!

Dani Daniels’ stinging wooden Jokari paddle sets Belinda Lawson’s bottom alight

Strict sorority discipline with two of the hottest models, Belinda Lawson and Dani Daniels! The expression on Belinda’s face as Dani lets fly a hard, smarting volley of swats with her wooden paddle is perfect. First on shorts, then bare in different positions, Dani burns her buns, strict as hell for tardies in Inappropriate Conduct from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Secret Spanker

Kiki Vee has been out all night partying and when she returns home she is surprised that she is in trouble. Now apart from a huge pair of boobs what is she hiding under her coat? It’s a nasty spanking paddle. So now we know the nature of the party. As she seems to like spanking she has to bend over there and then and take a real paddling for being out all night. Her bare bottom is soon bright red from English Spanking.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Detention Discipline

Miss Sarah Gregory is a new teacher and not very good at controlling misbehaving students. When principal Ms Dana Specht walks by the detention room and sees the unruly Scarlet misbehaving and the frustrated Miss Gregory, she steps in and takes charge. Students who misbehave in class need discipline and that discipline is a bare bottom spanking and paddling! If Miss Gregory can't or won't administer a proper spanking, than Ms Specht surely will. Scarlet gets her first bare bottom spanking and paddling as does Miss Gregory for not administering correct discipline in the school from Momma Spankings!

Stacy Stockton’s bare bottom and Jonny’s leather paddle

Lying costs beautiful blue-eyed Stacy Stockton a blistering spanking with husband Jonny’s leather paddle. Caught sneaking out early in the morning, she won’t say where she’s going. Bent over the sofa, her cheeks bouncing and burning red, she should reconsider before he wears out her ass in Truly Madly Deeply. Fun breakfast out-takes from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Unexpected Visitor

Ami returned from a night out with friends only to find her father waiting for her. Dad had been contacted by Ami’s Rent A Mom to take an active role in her discipline. He decided that if his college age daughter was behaving as a child, he’d treat her as one. Ami was mortified as dad lowered her jeans and panties. Soon her mortification became a secondary thought as her dad’s hands started to fall hard upon her bare bottom from Punished Brats.

Sexy Spanking Fun

Christina and Sarah shared some private spanking fun a few years back and hadn't forgotten how fun it was, so they decided to make a video of their next time playing so they could watch it when alone and share it with you. See sexy Christina and Sarah switch and spank each other in lingerie and nude in this sexy from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy Nursing

April is quite new to home nursing and thinks it is part of her duty to entertain her patients in any way they wish. Kef is a real dirty minded perv and persuades April to bring him in strong drink and to entertain him by getting her tits out and spanking and paddling his bottom. She may be new to all this but she certainly lays the paddle on his bottom giving dirty Kev all he could wish for. As you will find out, there are consequences to this behaviour from Sarah Spanks Men.