Saturday, April 25, 2015

Surrogate Mother

Kymberly Jane returns home from work and Clare wants to inspect her diaper. Clare is not satisified with the state of the diaper or Kym's bad attitude, so she puts Kym over her knee right there in the kitchen for a very firm spanking. Then she takes Kym into the living room where she puts on a fresh diaper and even a new baby outfit, complete with bonnet from Girl Spanks Girl or the 4 site Clare Fonda Pass.

Sophie Parker

Office Zoe Page caught inmate Sophie Parker red handed while she was in the Governer's office going through his things. A girlfight ensued and both were soon on the floor scrathing, pulling, pinching and spanking each other. When Sofie broke an ashtray over Zoe's head, she realised she had gone to far. Zoe took charge and spanked and paddled the rebelious little madam soundly from Bars and Stripes

Friday, April 24, 2015

Cheating Housewife Strapped

Leia Ann Woods is one of the all-time favourite spanking models and we have two films which perfectly reflect the cheeky nature and the naturalness of this lovely young lady. In this film she is caught on video having sex in the car with her driver, there is an argument and then she is told she will be punished. She goes over the knee for a spanking and a leathering with a rather nasty strap. She has to bend over the bed with her legs straight and bottom well out for further punishment with the strap. Another gem from the archives and a classic performance from this amazing lady from Red Stripe Films.

Bottom bouncing, Karen Hughes is soundly spanked for her second tardy to work

House-sitter Karen can’t get to work on time and has to bend over for a long, 250-smack spanking from good-looking boss Jonny Stockton. Hips swaying, bare red cheeks jiggling, she takes it like a champ. Spectacular ass quivering slow-motion from Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Schoolgirl Etiquette

Mandie Rae was always getting into trouble with her teachers and being punished for her poor behavior and multiple infractions. It seemed like she didn't care. The latest incident was the final straw when she was caught peeing behind the sheds of the school grounds. This just showed a lack of respect and no decency from this young lady so a thoroughly humiliating punishment was decided by Mr Osborne. He was furious that she could do such a filthy act outdoors like that so he strapped then caned her on her bare bottom as she snivelled and whimpered. Mandie was extremely tearful and barely able to stand up afterward. She was ordered to get out of his sight and back to her Dorm. To add further humiliation, she was told to show the other girls the results of this punishment and just why she was caned! That didn't go down well with Mandie, but it was all her own fault for the lack of etiquette she had showed earlier from Triple A Spanking!

Rules of The House

Its a big responsibility, being the caretakers of an historic house on behalf of a local authority. So the semi-annual inspection visits by the Heritage Manager are something to be dreaded, particularly when said Manager is Mr Lewis, whose authority seems almost God-like! After the adding up of damaged and broken items of historic significance, in this case two saucers and a picture hook, the extent of Mr Lewis authority is demonstrated to Clover and Nimue in no uncertain fashion! Perhaps his cane too is an historic artifact? It certainly still works magnificently if it is from Northern Spanking!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Food Spankings

Veronica Ricci had asked Koko Kitten to help her monitor how much she eats. Koko catches Veronica eating junk food in the kitchen so she must punish her. She puts Veronica over her knee and spanks her while lecturing her about not eating too much. But Veronica decides Koko must be spanked, too, and she even spanks some food right into Koko's bottom, leaving it red, sore, and messy from Spanking Sorority Girls!

Wearing leggings costs Camilla Scott

Skin tight leggings that look like ripped jeans are not acceptable at school. Camilla Scott is about to find out the penalty for ignoring dress-code: 12 stinging swats with a wooden paddle from Principal Grey on her toned, jiggling buns. “That burns!” she says ruefully from Firm Hand Spanking!